• Fruit juice processing line

    Fruit juice processing line

    1. Description of fruit juice processing line Almost all seasonal fruits and vegetables can be processed to fruit juice and drinks. The fruit juice processing line mainly includes: washing and sorting system, juice extracting system, enzymatic hydrolysis and filtration system, mixing and blending system, sterilizing system, finished product filling and packing system, auxiliary energy system. Fruit juice processing line capacity is from 60tons/day-480tons/day. Filling speed: about 4000-32000 ...
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  • Dried fruits production line

    Dried fruits production line

      Fruit drying process      End package
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  • Date processing line_

    Date processing line_

    1.Description of date processing Line Suitable for all kinds of dates(palm date, red date), hawthorn processing, can produce dried date, dry fresh date, date powder, date juice, juice concentrate. The date processing line is mainly composed of washing and sorting system,boiling and pulping system, standardization system, enzymatic hydrolysis and filtration system evaporating system, sterilizing system and aseptic filling system,auxiliary energy system,etc. Date processing line capacity is fr...
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  • Guava processing line

    Guava processing line

    1. Description of guava Processing Line Guava can be processed into aseptic concentrated juice, single strength puree, natural juice, clear juice. The guava processing line includes washing and sorting system,crushing and pulping system, enzymatic hydrolysis and filtration system (optional), concentrating system(optional) , pasteurizing and sterilizing system, aseptic filling system. The capacity of the processing line ranges from 10 tons per day to 480 tons per day with the raw material inpu...
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