• Yogurt processing line

    Yogurt processing line

    1. Description of yogurt processing line Yogurt also called fermented milk or sour milk, it decomposes lactose and protein in milk, making it easier for the human body to digest and absorb. Drinking yogurt can promote gastric juice secretion, increase appetite, and enhance immunity. Yogurt uses raw milk or milk powder as raw materials, with or without adding ingredients, after sterilizing and fermenting, make them into is acid curd-like products. During the shelf life, the end product has cor...
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  • Banana proceesing line

    Banana proceesing line

    1. Description of banana processing Line Fresh banana usually go to the controlled ripening chambers,Fully Ripened banana then conveyed to banana processing line. It can be processed to pulp,puree, NFC juice, clear concentrate juice, paste, jam, dried banana,banana powder,etc. The Banana processing composed of peeling and sorting system,washing and blanching system,crushing and pulping system, standardization system, enzymatic hydrolysis and filtration system, evaporating system, pasteurizin...
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  • UHT Milk Processing Line

    UHT Milk Processing Line

    1. Description of UHT milk processing line UHT milk is a dairy product with a long shelf life that can be directly consumed. This dairy product not only improves the color and taste, but also improves the original nutritional value. Sterilized milk, also known as long-lasting fresh milk, refers to products that are using fresh milk as raw material, then after purified, standardized, homogenized, UHT sterilized and aseptically packed into containers. UHT milk does not need to be refrigerated a...
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  • Beverage processing line

    Beverage processing line

    1. Description of beverage processing Line Suitable for processing various tea drinks/beverage, fruit beverage, carbonated drinks and other products. Beverage processing line line is mainly composed of additives melting system, heat ex-changer system, mixing and blending system, filtration system, degassing and homogenizing system, sterilization system, filling machine, bottle sterilization m and cooling system, packing system, auxiliary energy system,etc. Treatment capacity: from 500L/H  to ...
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