Milk powder processing line
  • Milk powder processing line
  • Milk powder processing line
  • Milk powder processing line

Milk powder processing line

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  • Milk powder processing line
  • Milk powder processing line
  • Milk powder processing line

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1. Description of milk powder processing line

 Milk powder refers to a powdered product prepared by using fresh milk as a raw material, adding a certain amount of vegetable protein and fat, vitamins, minerals and other raw materials, through the process of sterilization, concentration, and drying to make the milk powder. On the basis of keeping the original quality and nutritional value of the milk, the milk powder has the characteristics of low water content, small size, lightweight, long storage period, convenient eating and easy carrying.

Milk powder processing line includes raw milk acceptance system, raw milk standardization tank, raw milk preheating machine, homogenization, sterilization, milk skimming (to produce skimmed milk powder), raw milk vacuum concentration, sugar preparation (to produce sugared full fat milk powder), spray drying, and milk powder sieving, cooling, filling, inspection, packaging, CIP cleaning station, boiler, cooling tower, air compressor, chiller, connection pipes, valves, bents, pumps, etc.

2. Features of milk powder processing line

Advanced technology and energy saving.

SUS304/316L material,high qualified component of international brand.

Semi-automatic as well as fully automatic system available.

Customized turn-key solution including installation, commissioning at your side.

The finished product quality is excellent, and the color is delicious.

High productivity, flexible production, can be customized according to customer demand.

Complete supervision system, equipped with control room to monitor each processing stage.

Daily output can be clearly revealed.

3. Specification of milk powder processing line


Raw material

liquid cow milk, goat milk, camel milk



 Product packages:

plastic pouch; pp container; etc.


4. Flowchart of milk powder processing line 


5. End package


6. Reference pictures of milk powder processing line

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