• UHT Milk Processing Line

    UHT Milk Processing Line

    1. Description of UHT milk processing line UHT milk is a dairy product with a long shelf life that can be directly consumed. This dairy product not only improves the color and taste, but also improves the original nutritional value. Sterilized milk, also known as long-lasting fresh milk, refers to products that are using fresh milk as raw material, then after purified, standardized, homogenized, UHT sterilized and aseptically packed into containers. UHT milk does not need to be refrigerated a...
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  • Pasteurized milk processing line

    Pasteurized milk processing line

    1. Description of pasteurizing milk processing line The processing line produce several types of market milk products, i.e. whole milk, skim milk and standardized milk of various fat contents. Pasteurized milk is milk which has been heat-treated to kill pathogens which cause disease. Not all pathogens are removed during the pasteurization process, so pasteurized milk is not 100% sterile, but many people consider it to be safer to drink than raw milk which has not been pasteurized at all. The ...
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  • Ice cream processing line

    Ice cream processing line

    1. Description of ice cream processing line Ice cream produced by using fresh milk or milk powder as a raw material, adding additives,fruit cube, fruit juice and other raw materials, through the process of mixing and standardization, homogenization and pasteurizing system,and frozen to make the various ice rem. Ice cream processing line includes raw milk acceptance system, raw milk or powder mixing standardization system, homogenization and pasteurizing system,aging system, freezing system,fi...
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  • Milk powder processing line

    Milk powder processing line

    1. Description of milk powder processing line  Milk powder refers to a powdered product prepared by using fresh milk as a raw material, adding a certain amount of vegetable protein and fat, vitamins, minerals and other raw materials, through the process of sterilization, concentration, and drying to make the milk powder. On the basis of keeping the original quality and nutritional value of the milk, the milk powder has the characteristics of low water content, small size, lightweight, long st...
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